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Martins, Charles F. [naturalist 1806-1889], on Lapland plants —-719.
Martius [ sic Martins], Karl Friedrich Philipp von [botanist 1794-1868] —-11 –172 –301 –518 –668 — 713 — 714 –718 — 732.
Marx, Karl [socialist 1818-1883] —-370 –498 –729.
Mascart, on dust as condensation nuclei —-547 –726.
Maskelyne, John Neville [conjuror 1839-1917] —-243 –270 –281 — 518a — 637 –717 –744.
Maskelyne, John Story [mineralogist 1823-1911], on the deflection of plumb-lines —-455.
Mason, Revd. Francis [missionary 1799-1874] —-79.
Massart, Jean 1870, on Malaysian botany —-732.
Massey, Mr. Charles Carleton [lawyer & theosophist 1838-1905] —-434 –446a –717.
Massey, Gerald [poet 1828-1907] —-726 — 729 –738.
Massingham, Mr., on expenditures on the fleet —- 698.
Mather, Sir William 1853, on the unemployed —- 512 –726.
Matheson, Mr. Hugh —-722.
Matheson [ sic Mathieson], Sir James 1825 —-365 –371a — 722.
Mathews [ sic Matthews], Mr. William [alpinist 1828-1901] —-184 –531a –729.
Matthew [ sic Matthews], Patrick [early natural selectionist 1790-1874] —- 311 –656 –716 — 729 –735.
Matthews, Mr. Andrew [entomologist 1815-1897], on British beetles —-721.
Matthews, William [engineer], Wallace’s period of work for, as watchmaker —- 729.
Matthews, on laborers’ wages —-722.
Maunder, Mr. E. Walter [writer on astronomy 1851-1928] —- 604 –606 –728.
Maurice, Frederick D. [theologian 1805-1872] —-717.
Maury, Captain Matthew F. [oceanographer 1806-1873] —-172 –184 –229 –286.
Maw, Mr. George 1846, re his review of On the Origin of Species —-729.
Maxentius, Emperor of Rome [d. 312] —-745.
Maxim, Sir Hiram S. [inventor 1840-1916] —-670.
Maximilian, Prince, of Wied-Neuwied [ sic Prince NeuWied] [traveler & Brazil authority 1782-1867] —-172.
Maxwell, James Clerk [physicist 1831-1879] —-298 –726 –728.
May, Mr. Henry, on death certificates and their vagaries —-536 –726.
Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough 1883, on the color patterns of moths & butterflies —- 535 –732.
Mayer, Dr. ( see Meyer, Adolf Bernhard)
Maynard, Charles J. [naturalist 1845-1929] —- 363.
McCabe (M’Cabe), Joseph [translator b. 1868] —-700 –732.
McClure (M’Clure), Sir Robert J. L. M. [navigator & explorer 1807-1873] —-313.
McCook, Dr. Henry Christopher [naturalist 1837-1911] —- 315 –362.
McCormick, Mr. Ernest J., on vaccination —- 681 –682.
McCoy (MacCoy), Prof. Frederick [geologist 1823-1899], on Australian geology —-182 –718.
McCulloch (M’Culloch), John R. [statistician & political economist 1789-1864] —-365 — 420 –720 –722.
McEnery (M’Enery), Revd. Mr., on extinct animals & early man —-174 –233 –257 –276 –404 –717 –719 –726.
McFarlane (M’Farlane), Mr. Samuel, on the Papuans —-301 –720.
McGee [ sic McGhee], Mr. W J [geologist 1853-1912] —-406 –729.
McGhee, W. J. [geologist 1853-1912] —-406.
McGuire, Judge James George ( see Maguire)
McKendrick (M’Kendrick), Prof. John Gray [physiologist 1841-1926], on the germinal vesicle —-728.
McKenzie (M’Kenzie), Sir Kenneth, proprietor of Gairloch —-722.
McKinlay (M’Kinlay), John [explorer 1819-1872] —-76 –720 –720a.
McLachlan (M’Lachlan), Mr. Robert [entomologist 1837-1904] —-129 –181 — 284 –309 –319 –323a — 326 — 721 –724.
McLennan, John Ferguson [anthropologist 1827-1881], re his theory of promiscuity —-712.
McLeod (M’Leod), Donald [crofter 1779-1879], on the Sutherland clearances —- 368b — 722.
McNeill, Sir John 1853, re the crofters —-722.
Meade, Lieut. Herbert George Philip 1853—-183.
Meager, Revd. Thomas, on landlord & tenant law —-371a.
Mecham, Lieut. George Frederick 1846, re tree trunks found in the Canadian arctic —-721.
Medico-Chirurgical Society —-118 –478 –717 –742.
Meehan, Mr. Thomas [botanist 1826-1901] —-248.
Meldrum, Dr. James —-619c.
Melitus [Socrates disputant] —-733.
Melliss, Mr. John C. [engineer & naturalist 1835-1911] —-257 –719 –721.
Mendel, Gregor [monk & botanist 1822-1884] —- 660.
Mendeleyev [ sic Mendeleef], Dmitry [chemist 1834-1907] —-726.
Mendicity Society —-722.
Menneer, Mrs., re a premonition —-434 –717.
Mensell-Pleydell, Mr. [naturalist] —-710.
Meredith, George [novelist & poet 1828-1909] —-738 –748.
Meredith, Louisa Anne 1879, on Tasmania —- 720a.
Merian, Madame Maria Sibylla [naturalist & illustrator 1647-1717], on Brazilian animal life —-290 –405a –719.
Merriam, C. Hart [naturalist 1855-1942] —- 448 –534.
Merrifield, Frederick [ sic Frederic] [entomologist 1831-1924] —-707ac.
Merrill, Mr. Elmer D. [botanist 1876-1956], on the Philippine flora —- 732.
Merriman, H. Seton [novelist 1862-1903] —-738.
Mesman family [Malay Archipelago residents] —- 715 –729.
Mesmer, Franz [physician & animal magnetizer 1734-1815] —-270 –726.
Metchnikoff, Élie [zoologist 1845-1916] —-649a.
Metropolitan Visiting and Relief Association —-722.
Metz, J. Friedrich [missionary] —-234.

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Osnabrucker Zeitung 2 oktober 2014.
Heute Abend eroffnet die Diskothek Update in Meppen.
Meppen. Heute Abend eroffnet die Gro?raumdiskothek Update in Meppen. Mit vier Tanzbereichen und Platz fur 3500 Besucher soll sie neue Standards setzen nach dem Motto „update your Nightlife.“ Der Stadtrat Meppen konnte einen ersten Blick in den Tanztempel werfen und mit dem Besitzer Andre Bakker sprechen.
Der hatte 2007 die insolvente Vorgangerdisko „Bridge“ gekauft und eine gewisse Zeit gebraucht, um sich fur eine Folgenutzung zu entscheiden.
At one time, these two small islands in the Maluku were the world’s only source of cloves. Ternate Town, established by the Portuguese in 1521 and ruled in turn by the Spanish and Dutch, is dominated by the Dutch-era Fort Oranje. The ruins of a Portuguese fort are nearby. Don’t miss the Sultan’s palace (also known as the Keraton) or a ride around Ternate Island. Those in good shape will want to climb Gamalama Volcano in the center of the island.
Nearby Tidore Island has less to see but is still interesting because of the cloves, nutmeg and other spices that grow there. Tidore also has ruins of two old forts.
Request Full Destination Guide.
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Indonesia History – Sultanate of Tidore (1450-1904)
In the pre-colonial era, Tidore was a major regional political and economic power, and a fierce rival of nearby Ternate, just to the north. The sultans of Tidore ruled most of southern Halmahera, and, at times, controlled Buru, Ambon and many of the islands off the coast of Papua. Antonio d’Albreo was sent by d’Albuquerque to the Moluccas after the latter had subjugated Malacca in 1511. He found the Sultan of Ternate in the usual state of war with the Sultan of Tidore, and promptly took sides. Even at that time the Portuguese applied the principle in government so successfully followed by other colonizing powers, to-wit: “Divide that you may rule.”
Tidore established a loose alliance with the Spanish in the sixteenth century, and Spain had several forts on the island. While there was much mutual distrust between the Tidorese and the Spaniards, for Tidore the Spanish presence was helpful in resisting incursions by their enemy Ternate, as well as the Dutch forces that had a base on that island.
In the 16th and 17th century the Sultanate of Tidore (allied with Portugal/Spain) rivalled with the Sultanate of Ternate (allied with the V.O.C.) over hegemony in the region. As Spanish strength in the region diminished before their eventual withdrawal from the region in 1663, Tidore became one of the most independent kingdoms in the region, resisting direct control by Dutch East India Company (VOC). Particularly under Sultan Saifuddin (1657-1689), the Tidore court was skilled at using Dutch payment for spices for gifts to strengthen traditional ties with Tidore’s traditional periphery. As a result he was widely respected by many local populations, and had little need to call on the Dutch for military help in governing the kingdom, as Ternate frequently did.
Tidore remained an independent kingdom, albeit with frequent Dutch interference, until the late eighteenth century. Like Ternate, Tidore allowed the Dutch spice eradication program (extirpative) to proceed in its territories. This program, indeed to strengthen the Dutch spice monopoly by limiting production to a few places, impoverished Tidore and weakened its control over its periphery.
The sultanate was terminated by the Dutch East Indies in 1904. In 1949 her territories (except for those in New Guinea) became part of the Republic of Indonesia.
The beautiful island of Tidore is just a few minutes across the sea from Ternate by speedboat. Like Ternate, it is also an ancient spice-trading sultanate dominated by a towering volcano, Gunung Kiematubu. Its attractions are also similar: historic forts, beaches, and good hiking possibilities.
But unlike Ternate, which has retained its commercial and political importance as the main administrative and trading centre of North Maluku, Tidore has slipped into relative obscurity. For visitors, this is a blessing in disguise though: it means that while facilities are more limited, the traditional architecture, customs and historical sights have been spared from modern influences and over-restoration. Even the capital Soasio has the feeling of a sleepy village, and like most villages themselves, it has neat streets full of flowers and white-washed houses. Although it is easily visited as a day-trip from Ternate, Tidore rewards those prepared to spend a longer time exploring its attractions and soaking up its historic atmosphere thoroughly.

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The Tidore people live on the island of Tidore, in the regency of Central Halmahera, in the province of North Maluku. Tidore is one of the islands in the Maluku archipelago. The Maluku Islands have long been known as the “Spice Islands,” consisting of more than a thousand islands scattered throughout eastern Indonesia, including most of the islands between Sulawesi and Papua and between Timor and the Philippines. While many other ethnic groups inhabit Soa Siu, the capital city of the district of Tidore, the Tidore people dominate the small villages spread throughout the island. In everyday conversation, the Tidore people use their own Tidore language. However, they also understand Ternate, the language of their neighbors, which was formerly the trade language in the Halmahera region. As can be seen in their language, history, society and culture, Tidore people have a close connection with their neighbors, the Ternate. However, each group strongly maintains its distinct identity. Tidore people don’t like to be called Ternate and vice versa. The Tidore language is part of a larger linguistic grouping called the North Halmahera which also includes the Galela, Laba, Loloda, Modole, Pagu Tabalu, Tobelo, Tugutil, Gamkonora, Ibu, Kau, sahu, Waioli, Makian Barat and Ternate. Formerly, compared with Tidore people, the Ternate had closer relationships with other ethnic groups from western Indonesia. Because of this, Tidore are sometimes considered less educated than the Ternate. But in general, the Tidore people are more industrious than the Ternate.

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