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5 Harsh Realities Of Homeless Camps Nobody Talks About.
The next thing you learn about being a professional prostitute is that even working at a legal brothel, you get a lot of interaction with law enforcement. When you start you have to register with the police, which involves taking a questionnaire that makes sure you’ve never been an illegal prostitute (this is that rare career where experience in the industry actually disqualifies you). And then there are weekly STD tests, where a doctor goes through a queue of vaginas with the emotional investment and precision of a factory robot. You can get used to anything if you see enough of it.
“What I wouldn’t give for a big ol’ hairy man ass.”
Speaking of which .
As a new hooker, the closest thing I had to training was from my Bunny Sister. She gave me advice on how to negotiate and taught me the least sexy skill involved in being a legal whore: the dick check .
Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty.
Nevada, ladies and gentlemen.
As soon as you’ve met your client and agreed on a price, you have to take him back into your room and carry out an inspection. You tell the guy to drop his pants, and then you hunker down there and inspect some genitals. Some girls keep a light by the bed to make it easier, but I rarely felt like more light would have helped matters.
What are you looking for? Bumps, sores, bleeding wounds, literal spiders — all the kinds of stuff you don’t want to think about immediately before sex. Yet there you are, prodding some wang and dreaming up Seussian names for all the STDs it might carry.
Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images.
“Blue pills for herpes! Red pills for the clap! Pills for Crumpunktering Pinkertumb Staph!”
The best tip I ever got was to turn the dick check into a sexy little prelude to the real action with a hot towel massage to the guy’s junk. You get cleaner dicks, and happier clients. You can take that tidbit back to the bedroom with you, ladies.
Sometimes a client will come in and not have a clear idea of what he wants. In that case, the girls on duty will get in a line-up and let the client pick. I got picked the first time I ever went out, and initially I took it as a compliment — but then I learned many of the regulars go straight for the new girls. First-timers don’t know how to haggle, and haggling is the most important skill for a professional prostitute.
Just one of the many similarities between prostitutes and spice merchants.
I was always scared to ask for big money, because honestly . I know me , and I just feel like a regular girl. I’m not some kind of supernaturally good lover or anything. I was one of the bigger girls there, and I’d wonder, “How can I ask for the same amount of money as all my skinny-ass co-workers?”
In that way, prostitution was actually good for my self-esteem. I came into the business with a lot of body-image issues, and previous webcam work only made those worse. You think cat-calling construction workers are bad? Look at the shit men on the Internet post when they’ve seen a part of your naked body. But the guys at the brothel were always very complimentary, and clearly happy to be with me. It illustrated the large gap between “how women look in magazines” and “what guys actually want.”
Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images.
Like that hair isn’t a pain in the ass for everyone .
I had a friend who did really well. She was, like, 10 to 12 years younger than I am and would consistently book huge amounts. I finally asked her how she did it, and she told me, “You have to go in there and believe you’re worth it.” And while I’m not sure if I ever got to that point, I at least learned how to fake it.
Erik Snyder/Digital Vision/Getty Images.
Remember on The Office when Michael Scott handed out pointless awards to all his employees? That exists in the world of whoring. There’s an official group who picks a “Best Legal Courtesan” every year. There’s also a “Best Brothel of the Year” award that looks like this:
You know how Borat brags about his sister being the second-best prostitute in Kazakhstan? As you can imagine, there wasn’t a lot of jockeying for the “best hooker” award. There are message boards for the men who use our brothels, and the guys on there would say they didn’t want to “date” a winner because that must mean “she’s having too much sex.” It’s the fucking Mobius strip of double-standards.
“How dare she be good at her job!”
We had meetings every week — they called them “tea parties,” but it was us sitting down with management and talking about numbers. They’d set sales goals for us, tell us how we should be marketing ourselves — we were even required to spend ( unpaid ) time online in our brothel’s forums, talking to the kind of people who visit a brothel’s forums.
Here’s a photo of one such tea party. This is exactly what it looked like, not a marketing shot at all (I saw this picture and had flashbacks). I’m not in the photo — but some of my former co-workers are. The reason those girls are in funny hats is because they do a raffle at every tea party. What, the word “raffle” isn’t the first thing you think of when you hear “brothel”?

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The whole process lasted around two months… Two months during which each day, the crews and I worried about these four children to which we said goodbye. Medecins sans Frontieres (2016) recently published the latest numbers of migration across the Mediterranean: 13% of all migrants to reach Europe are women, 16% are minors. These children face the risk of losing sight of their family during the perilous journey every single day. What if they never meet again? What if a state requests an expensive DNA test to prove that they are related? What if the children get into a human trafficking network because they did not receive enough attention? Questions that keep my mind busy…
Humanity seems to be slowly disappearing from the face of the earth. It is something that I refuse to transmit to future generations. So, why don’t we start considering the people around us as human beings and do what’s right, to give example to the others and to show that we will not be the puppets of whatever leaders are above us? This way, we will be able to see that we resisted to the loss of morals of this world, that we were not part of the crime that we will soon be calling history.
Intern at Human Rights at Sea,
On secondment to Sea-Watch.
Photo credit: Judith Buthe.
“The snow ruined our international image” – but what about the refugees?
Lesvos, 14 January, 2017 – the snow is melting, but the weather forecast is for another cold spell for Greece. The following is an attempt to get across what has been happening on Lesvos in the last ten days.
Snow storm in Greece, including on Lesvos! Of the 6500 refugees currently on the island, 3500 have been living in tents in the so-called hotspot Moria. None of them have been evacuated. Snow gets into the tents, onto the beds, onto blankets, into clothes – there is nowhere to dry off or to warm up.
While photos start spreading on social media, the UNHCR and NGOs try to rent hotel rooms in order to evacuate people from their tents.
However, the president of the Lesvos hotel owners association, Periklis Antoniou, re-iterates the organisation’s decision from three months ago not to rent out any rooms to refugees or to NGOs. The Syriza MP for Lesvos, Giorgos Pallis, has tried unsuccessfully to change that decision.
The hotel owners justify their policy saying that if they rented out rooms to refugees, then Lesvos would no longer be a tourist destination but a giant registration centre. This is the same organisation that made sure that the “Hope Centre” could never open and instead was even fined €10,000. The “Hope Centre” was a derelict hotel in Eftalou. Philipa and Eric Kempson, together with hundreds of volunteers, had spent months renovating it in order to turn it into refugee accommodation – all the time paying rent to the owners. Anything seems justified to prevent refugees from getting too close to the tourists.
International volunteers initially wanted to create a blacklist of hotels that refused to rent out to refugees so that no one would accidentally enjoy their summer holiday in the company of racists. Instead, they are now creating a whitelist with hotels that defy the ban.
The day before the snow hit Greece, immigration minister Mouzalas proudly announced that there were no refugees living in tents any more. Then the pictures went around the world and immediately a ban on taking photos in the hotspot Moria was issued, and journalists – who had never been able to access the centre anyway – were officially banned.
The local NGO Iliaktida, tasked by the UNHCR with finding hotel accommodation, managed to find room for 400 people. Fortunately, not everyone in the hotel business is racist, and sometimes money talks louder than political persuasion, as the example of a hotel in Thermi shows which only weeks before had hosted the Golden Dawn fascists.
Due to the weather and the fact that cars couldn’t go, only a small number of people were able to reach their hotels on that day. But while the hotel association insists on its racist policy, the local education department suggests opening empty school buildings, and calls on teachers and parents to welcome refugees. Finally a moment of warmth in these cold times.
A few months ago, it was Spiros Galinos, the mayor of Lesvos, who also supported the idea that hotels should not rent out rooms to NGOs for refugees. But since he and the mayor of Lampedusa have been awarded the Olof Palme Prize (a prize awarded for work against racism), he wants to save his reputation as the mayor of solidarity. There has been a public call to alert the prize committee to Galinos’ previous racist views, so he announced that he would donate the prize money to the fishermen of the village of Skala Sikaminias who had lost their boats in the storm the day before – the same boats that had saved thousands of lives in the last two years. The fisher folks had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. This way the mayor can save them and his reputation at the same time.
Meanwhile immigration minister Mouzalas is back pedalling on his earlier statement. He meant that on the mainland no refugees were living in tents, of course on the islands the situation was really bad. In his view, it’s all the fault of the hotel owners who are refusing to let to refugees. However, we know that the situation is as bad as it is mainly because Mouzalas had interpreted the EU-Turkey agreement to mean that no refugees should be transferred from the islands to the mainland. On one morning Mouzalas tries twice to fly to Lesvos. The first plane gets to Mitilini, but can’t land due to fog and returns to Athens. He then tries a helicopter, which also fails to land. Maybe it’s a sign of the gods that he is not welcome there.

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Kehinde said many girls forced into sex work in Russia came to the country on student visas.
Most of the girls Kehinde dealt with had come to Russia on student visas, he said.
Such visas are not easy to obtain as universities must provide supporting material for the applications.
Usman Gafai, head of mission at the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow, said he, too, was aware of Nigerians being trafficked for sex to Russia.
“Ten years ago, it was not such a huge problem as this,” he told DW. “Those involved are an international cartel. On a daily basis they are growing and making money out of it.”
The Russian government needed to “carry out proper scrutiny of visa applicants back in Nigeria,” Gafai said. “The majority come to Russia on a student visa, and I want to see more scrutiny of that.”
Kehinde said illiterate teenagers were being trafficked.
“How can you bring a girl of 14- or 15-year old to study in a university, when she cannot even read and write?” he asked.
DW was able to examine passports and migration documents belonging to six Nigerian girls, including Blessing, that showed they had arrived in Russia on student visas.
The Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education in Saint Petersburg told DW it had issued visa support documents in 2014 for Blessing to study a Russian-language course in preparation for entering university. However, in an emailed statement to DW, the university’s rector, Gaidar Imanov, said she never arrived at the institute, and the university had no knowledge of whether she had entered the country.
Similarly, the Baltic Humanitarian Institute, another St. Petersburg university, confirmed via email it had issued documents to a would-be student from Nigeria who had never made contact to begin her course in Russia.
Both universities rejected the notion that their staff may have been paid to provide documents to students who were not genuine or to traffic girls to Russia for sex, calling the allegation “fiction” and “absolutely baseless.”
DW examined numerous documents belonging to girls who were trafficked to Russia and exploited.
The Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, whose embassies issue visas, told DW in a written statement that all students in Nigeria undergo an interview “without fail.” It also said border officials do not allow entry into the country without confirmation from the university where they are due to study. The ministry said it “wanted to emphasize” that individuals are “personally responsible for adhering to migration legislation.”
Russia’s Federal Migration Service told DW that it “regularly checks” for migration violations and that immigration law had been broken in more than 325,000 cases in the first two months of 2016. Despite several requests, the agency did not explain how Blessing – and girls like her – could have entered Russia on student visas and apparently disappeared from authorities’ sight for years into the sex trade.
Despite legislation meant to prevent human trafficking, Russia has not shown a full commitment to tackling the problem, said Andrew Bogrand of the NGO Democracy International.
“Prosecution, although existent, is very limited,” he said. “More alarming, according to Russia’s few women’s rights NGOs, is the almost complete lack of shelter space for women who are victims of sex trafficking or domestic violence.
“Corruption and trafficking are inextricably linked – and Russia fares poorly in most corruption indexes,” he continued. “As long as the state continues to turn a blind eye to the problem of corruption, trafficking will flourish.”
Blessing recently returned to Nigeria and hopes to resume her studies. But her time in Russia has changed her life forever. It remains unclear whether she will be able to walk properly again.
She has a message for other Nigerian girls who are offered jobs abroad: “Stay back home, learn to work. Even though the pay is small, it is much better than coming here to suffer or lose your life.”
US State Department releases human trafficking report.
The US State Department has taken Malaysia and Cuba off its blacklist of countries failing to combat human trafficking, but has kept Thailand and Russia on it. Critics say that the move might be politically motivated. (27.07.2015)
One Day In The Life Of A Finnish Sex Tourist.
By Kaja Granthal.
On a weekend evening, two young men from Finland, Julli and his friend, arrive by ferry at Tallinn’s main portal slightly tipsy and with small bags slung over their shoulders.
Yes, Julli admits, they came to find prostitutes. They have fifteen hours before their boat heads back to Finland.
After using the toilet and currency exchange, they call Anne. She’s a taxi driver they know who will take them to their accommodation. Her license plate reads Anne-1.
The taxi drivers waiting by the terminal explain that most Finns ask to be taken to shopping centers or to visit acquaintances. One out of 20 asks to be driven to a brothel.
Some taxi drivers even display brochures and calling cards of the brothels: around 35 are thought to operate in Tallinn in the winter twice as many in the summer.

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